In the Examination Hall     

General Guidelines while attempting the paper to get best results:

(i)     Read full question paper before attempting the answers.

(ii)    Identify & attempt the question which in your opinion can be done comfortably

as your first answer, which should be your best attempt. This will give you

confidence and good impression to the examiner.

(iii)   Divide your time for the questions as per the marks scheme say if the time

allotted is 3 hours (i.e. 180 minutes) for 100 marks. You need 5-10 minutes to

read full question paper, 5-10 minutes to check the answer at the end when you

have finished. Thus, time available is, say 170-160 minutes, for the full paper to

solve.   It means, that for each mark you have only 1.70 to 1.60 minutes i.e. for

20 marks you have only 34 to 32 minutes. So plan your answers as per time

schedule and take care to give each question its due time. In case you are able to

save time on some questions that can be used in other questions in revising

answers. In the examination, time rationing is very important to solve all the

questions and complete the paper in time.

(iv)   Never leave any question un-attempted for want of time. Take care of your

handwriting.Remember, “What cannot be read, cannot be evaluated.”

(v)   Write answers to all the parts of a question at one place. Give minimum trouble

to the examiner in evaluation your answers.

(vi)   Get one good calculator and practice on the same calculator; this will make

you to comfortably use the calculator in the examination hall and your speed

will also increase.

(vii)   Strictly follow the instructions given on the title sheet of the answer book.

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